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NO HALO!! As of 7:30 AM August 5th, Austin woke up with about 15 doctors, nurses and techs surrounding him. It was pretty scary for him and he had lots of anxiety. As soon as it came totally off he stopped crying and had the biggest smile ever! The halo and vest weighted 4 lbs which is a lot of weight for a little guy. As I sit here next to my beautiful happy strong amazing little boy, I can see his head and chest again not all covered and obstructed by that mid evil head device and his viking looking fur vest. When Austin used to ask me what is that on my head, I would say that is your halo because your an angel and he would say it’s my crown because he’s the king and then he would smile and asked if I could paint it gold with diamonds. Kids are so cute!! I was in tears just seeing him all cleaned up, Austin is already asking for a haircut. It’s nice to wash his little chest and head that hadn’t been bathed in over 4 months. It’s much more manageable without the halo and vest. He’ll be able to go through his rehab without that extra weight on his head and chest. He can now start wearing his clothes again. He’s like a new boy! He’s doing really good this morning, I am really thankful for the halo brace it was used to prevent Austin’s neck and head from moving. It kept his neck in the correct position. This allowed his injured spinal column and the ligaments to heal. It also helped support his neck muscles. This brace keeps your neck from moving forward, bending backward, and your head from turning. The halo brace allows you get out of bed and start moving sooner. With his condition he really needed to be out of bed and constantly moving, it helps prevent pressure sores, blood clots, and other health problems. By him being in this device after his spinal fusion, gave us the opportunity to start rehab. It’s very important to start rehab right away after getting stabilized. With Austin’s injuries from the very beginning he has proven the doctors wrong, they thought he was brain dead and could never move. Well he’s not brain dead and he moves his feet. So I just want to say never give up! It’s all medical opinions and no one knows except for God!!  We continue to pray for his breathing, his ability to eat and for him to be able to move on his own.  Thank you so much for your support and prayers!  

- Love Tina Ervin and family

Austin’s Aunt Nicole created him a store to help with fundraising.  You can visit at

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